What does it take for you to #CrossTheLine?

PUMA are launching their very own campaign to help us all find and explore our inner athlete. They want to know what inspires us, the everyday competitor, to excel in our own fitness and training regimes and quite simply, what does it take for us to #CrossTheLine?

I’ve thought about this a lot over the past few weeks and the #CrossTheLine is a fitting hashtag for my whole workout philosophy. I’m always striving to improve my last performance, every single time I hit the gym, go for a run, turn up for a dreaded “leg day”, my main competitor is ME, can I do one more rep, run one more mile, push for one more minute, add one more kg? What does it take for me to #CrossTheLine? Simple, it’s me competing against ME every time  I train. I always want to do better, be better than my last workout and for me this is paramount in achieving (and often exceeding ) my own expectations. I don’t compare my fitness to others – let’s be honest there’ll always be someone fitter, faster, leaner, so instead I focus on me and me alone, after all no one else is going to drag my sorry ass to the gym at 7am (or more often than not in my case 9pm).  I’m at my best when my heart is beating out of my chest and my muscles are crying (literally).

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 23.38.27

Running alongside the #CrossTheLine campaign is PUMA’s latest footwear launch and it comes in the form of the Ignite Dual.  Inspired by the upcoming games and fronted by PUMA athlete – and worlds fastest man – Usain Bolt, It’s a running shoe that combines technology designed to improve function, as well as style. They’re pretty, there’s no doubt about it, the colour combinations alone are enough to get you reaching for your credit card and if my trial run is anything to go by, they perform too – it’s a winning combination!


So as PUMA are inextricably connected to helping the fastest man on the planet cross the line and this new super shoe is good enough for him, then surely we want to get our little mittens on a pair too…Well wait for it, PUMA have given me and all of the #TEAMFASTER beauties, a pair for ME to give away to YOU  (yes you heard me right). All you have to do is leave a comment on my insagram competition post – you can’t miss it – explaining what helps you to #CrossTheLine and become the greatest version of YOU can be in terms of your fitness. For some of you it’ll be interval training, others speed work, after all as we’re not all armed with a  team of experts, nutritionist and physiotherapists, to analyse our performance like Usian, we need to find our own motivation to keep us on track. So what keeps us moving forward, what helps us to reach the next milestone in our fitness or achieve that extra pull up?

I would like you to share how you #CrossTheLine within your own training.What’s your physical or mental goal and how do you keep yourself on track and motivated to achieve it? Can you sum up what #CrossTheLine means to you with an inspirational quote (we all need a little inspiration now and then)? Don’t forget to leave your comments on my #CrossTheLine instagram post and one of you will be receiving a brand, spanking new pair of  Ignite Dual’s of your very own! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts…





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