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A Little Bit About Me…

My name is Sarah Wagland and quite frankly I’m a fitness fanatic. Although I’m not, and nor do I pretend to be, a fitness professional, having trained as a dancer for well over 30 years and participated in a wide range of fitness classes for almost the same length of time, I have become fully aware of the huge benefits that “being fit” has to offer and have acquired a fair bit of knowledge along the way. So now I’ve decided to start writing about it.

Over the  years, my interest in fitness has gone beyond purely the exercise that we do, recently I’ve been pondering how nutrition, sleep and mental health not only has a huge impact on our performance when we hit the  gym but also, and in my opinion more importantly, our general wellbeing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hugely competitive (with myself mainly) and  take great pleasure in exceeding my limits of physical fitness. Every session I want to push my boundaries and drive my body to be stronger, harder, fitter and leaner but I’ve also started to consider the importance of what being fit actual means, in every sense of the word.

Although I am a self proclaimed convert to the world of fitness and all it has to offer, I have zero interest in the fitness sites that have saturated the market over the last few decades that come with an agenda, The promise of miracle weight loss cures and diet pills that cost a fortune, and in my opinion  just don’t work, quite simply drive me to despair. Especially when my motivation has never been to be the skinniest I can be (although that is a welcomed by-product) but to be the strongest I can be. My focus is seeking out the huge range of fitness activities on offer that are fun, exhilarating and at times different and consider them alongside diet, nutrition, mindfulness and all the other things that encourage us to become a fitter planet. And I suppose thats why I’m here – to share what I’ve learnt so far (the good, the bad and the ugly) and continue my fitness journey with you!


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