When your active wear looks so good, you decide to take it to lunch…

Anyone who knows me (or follows my Instagram) will happily confirm that I live in my active wear. I wear it on the school run, the coffee run, to work…oh yes and to the gym, in fact it currently makes up 90% of my wardrobe (and sadly I’m not exaggerating). As a result,  It’s become increasingly important (especially to my wallet) that I “shop smart” when adding to my ever-growing collection. Although this is a skill that I’m still developing, it basically means choosing pieces that can take me straight from the studio to the street (or vice-versa) and still look good.

To help blur the lines between the two, I try to keep up with seasonal trends (when and where they suit me). A favourite studio-to -street hack (and one that I see almost all of the fitness bloggers I follow on Instagram do) is to throw a leather jacket over a pair of workout leggings, It instantly transforms any gym outfit and goes a long way in the style stakes; after all If it’s good enough for Jordon Dunn…My current favourite is my Firetrap Womens Suedette Biker Jacket in Jet Black (£49.99) from MandMDirect,  which I throw on over my gym leggings with a chunky, big knit scarf.


I’m slowly discovering that by making just a few subtle changes, I can instantly transform my active wear into my everyday wardrobe. I have lots of monochrome pieces which I can mix and match and layering is a must. I try to accessorise appropriately and always carry an oversized multi-purpose gym bag.

Of course, the fact that active wear is everywhere at the moment helps (a lot) but I have a few “go to” websites where I’m always guaranteed to find some pieces to add to my wardrobe. MandMDirect is currently at the top of my list, their  Jacqueline De Yong Womens Fairless Jersey Ankle Pants effortlessly  take me straight from yoga to lunch and when I pair them with the Firetrap Womens Woven T-Shirt Dress in black or Rose (because I have both) I’m instantly transformed and ready to get on with my day.

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I always stick to neutral colours and I try to mix and match with complimenting colour schemes, most of my wardrobe consists of  black, nudes and grey tones, although I also have more white trainers that I know what to do with. PUMA’s new basket heart are (in my opinion) by far the best on the market at the moment , not only do they  have ribbon laces but they are quite frankly are the prettiest trainers I own.

Making my kit work for every occasion (well nearly every occasion) is first and foremost convenient, but secondly it’s what I feel most comfortable in. When I head out to a lunch (or to the occasional breakfast meeting) It’s the perfect on-the-go wear that looks good and feels good too. With so many options available to us, it’s not that hard to be stylish yet functional whilst promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle (which is what I am all about), even when I’m sipping a glass of savingon blanc at the bar!

Stockists: MandMDirect/Puma Women


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