Breakfast for Kings (and Queens)…

January has hit…when and how did that happen? My friends seem to have gone bonkers with “healthier and happier” resolutions, many going on health kicks to extreme levels. But we all know (yes all of us) that faddy diets started this month are rarely realistic or sustainable and often leave us feel utterly depressed…

Quite some time ago, I started to consider what changes I needed to make in order stay healthy, nourished and energised all year round and not just in January. It hasn’t always been easy, especially after the the birth of my two beautiful children. Finding the time to “eat well” always felt difficult and often resulted in me reaching for a quick sugar fix to get myself through the day. I’ve always been fit and active but we know that this isn’t coupled with a healthy diet and we’re just not going to get the results we want.

I long ago discovered that If my diet is good (mostly) then everything else falls into place too. Mainly because my energy levels are high, I sleep better and therefore I  more ready to face the challenges of the daily grind. However, I don’t have hours to prepare and research healthy, balanced meals so the food I make mostly has to be quick, easy and simple to make.

Many friends have asked if I’d share some of the “quick fix”  balanced and healthy meals and snacks that make up a large part of my weekly diet. After all, I get most of my inspiration from similar sources, mostly from Instagram, eat clean recipe books and fellow bloggers. So, after being nagged by friends to talk about what I eat on a day-to-day basis. Here we go…

Today, we’re starting at the beginning…breakfast! Where else would we begin?

Start the day right…

As someone who never used to eat breakfast (there I said it). This meal has always been my nemesis, so It’s taken me a while to build up a bank of “go to” dishes, to ensure that I start my day right. I think it’s important to say at this point, these dishes are not “rocket science”, they’re simple balanced and as far as i’m concerned, delicious.

I always start the day with one of the following, remember convenience is key for my lifestyle, so all of these dishes can be made quickly and painlessly with little effort!


I always mix mine with pure coconut water, home-made macadamia milk or hazelnut milk. This keeps the sugar content lower (instead of using a fruit juice for example) and, in my opinion makes the smoothie taste better too! If like me, you don’t always have time to prepare your fruit and veg before hand, Tesco (and I’m sure all the other leading supermarkets too) have already prepared smoothie pots, packed with fresh fruit and veg that you can pop in your blender ready to mix with the water/milk of your choice! Another option is to have a range of “go to”frozen fruit and veg in your freezer. If you’re new to smoothies, my advice is to start fruity and then slowly increase the veg content as you go. Don’t be afraid of veg like beetroot (it’s amazing with apple) and avocado (which gives your smoothie a milkshake like texture). A simple favourite of mine is macadamia milk, banana, dates and vanilla – simply delicious!

Three of the best to keep the energy levels up this weekend! #health #fitfam #fitness #eatclean #healthy #livemovenourish

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Oats (made with a nut milk of your choice) then topped with your favourite, seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses are always a winner in my book. You can’t go wrong with slow released carbs that keep you full until lunch time. I often put my recipes up on Instagram, so make sure your following if you want some of my “go to favourites”. If you’re feeling adventurous you can use quinoa instead of oats (but you may want to soak them in water before you add the milk).


Soaked Oats

This is a new one for me, but trust me they’re delicious and easier than you think. Soak oats overnight in a nut milk of your choice (this literally means throw some oats and milk in a bowl and cover – no fiddly prep needed here!), then wake up and top. My favourites are  berries and chia seeds. But of course there re a whole range of combinations you can try! Absolutely delicious!


Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs

You really can’t go wrong with the these wonders. Have them any which way and combine them with some good fats like avocado or walnuts if you need an extra boost. You really are onto a winner with these!

Every meal is an opportunity to feel better #foodporn #noirish #health #vitality #nutrition #active

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If I start the day right, then I’m more likely to eat better throughout the rest of the day. But even if I don’t, then at least I’ve started the day right. If you have any recipes, ideas, suggestions on quick. simple, nutritious breakfasts, I’d love to hear from you! Post your recipes and comments below!


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